About Prelude

This is the story of two sisters, their love and devotion to one another and how that love continues to grow in helping others.

Linda Seymour was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 28.  Within eight months, she passed away after extreme suffering from her cancer. Years later her sister, Claire, was diagnosed with a similar cancer and survived. Claire soon discovered from her aunt that their mother had taken DES (Diethylstilbestrol) while pregnant. DES was prescribed to pregnant women in 1940 to 1970 to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and miscarriages. Subsequent studies have shown an approximate 40-fold increased risk of cervical clear cell adenocarcinoma in women exposed in utero to DES. These women are commonly called “DES daughters.” As a DES daughter and the sole survivor of her family, Claire was determined to do whatever she could to help understand the cause, treatment and prevention of all cancers.

The Seymour family embraced music. Linda and her father, John, loved to sing while Claire plays the classical piano. Claire created Prelude to a Cure as a joyful way to raise much needed funding for cancer research while promoting her family’s love of music. It is Claire’s hope and dream that through the suffering of her family due to cancer, she can make a difference in finding a cure for this disease by bringing together music, medicine and science.